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Container Devanning

20FT & 40FT Container Devanning Services

When it comes to unloading containers, FPF Warehousing are well placed to handle your container devanning requests. With our own onsite loading bay, we can quickly and efficiently devan any size container, whether 20ft or 40ft and loose loaded or palletised. We are well experienced in the unloading of containers, frequently handling devans in excess of 2,200 cartons in a container.

Of course container devanning is simply not always just a case of getting the cartons or pallets unloaded from the container. Quite often a client will want us to unload according to specific instructions whether this is to palletise cartons into order according to product size, colour or SKU number. We refer to this type of work as "Re-Works" and our team of warehouse professionals, are well experienced in completing these tasks. So whether you have a handful of different product types or hundreds - FPF Warehousing will ensure that your containers are devanned and re-worked exactly to your specifications.

Once we have devanned your container and re-worked it, your goods are then ready for the next step in the supply chain. Whether this is asking us to arrange onward distribution utilising our UK transport services or perhaps you may want us to store your pallets at our warehouse, to be "called off" at a later date. A big advantage in using the warehousing services of FPF, is that we are flexible and able to adapt to suit our client's individual needs, from shipment to shipment. For example, some clients may require partial delivery only once a container has devanned, with the rest to go into warehouse storage. Or a client may have multiple delivery locations across the UK and Europe, where the products are needed to be sent. At FPF Warehousing we can take care of the whole process, making the devanning of containers simple and hassle free.

Palletised Container Devanning

Unloading Palletised Goods

Some clients will send containers to our warehouse, that are already palletised at origin, but perhaps the client does not have the suitable facilities, staff numbers or time, to arrange the devanning themselves. FPF Warehousing can quickly and effortlessly devan palletised container loads at our warehouse facility, utilising our loading bay. This means we can drive our forklifts into a container, quickly removing the pallets from the container. Devanning palletised loads is a lot faster and therefore means that a client's goods are made available that much sooner, for the next step in the supply chain. Over the years we have handled a wide range of palletised loads, including tiles from Spain, bathroom furniture from Hong Kong, beverages from the U.S.A. and recycled plastics from Peru.

Container Devanning Services - FPF Warehousing Ltd.

Loose Loaded Container Devanning

Unloading Loose Loaded Cartons

The vast majority of containers we unload at FPF Warehousing are loose loaded containers. This is where cartons are loaded "loose" or non palletised into a container, to maximise the volume within the container. In addition a client would also prefer to have cartons loose loaded, so as to be able to maximise the amount of stock they can ship within a container, against the shipping costs they are incurring.

At FPF we are very familiar with devanning both 20ft and 40ft loose loaded containers, with many of the containers being 40ft high cube and holding in excess of 2,000 cartons. Our team will devan your container, according to your instructions - so whether we need to check for product item codes, colours, sizes etc. this can all be arranged by FPF when devanning containers. We will palletise your cartons onto standard pallets (120 x 100 cms) but we can also palletise using Euro pallets (120 x 80 cms) if this is what's required. When re-working the cartons onto pallets, we can also add any labelling that may be required, to assist with identifying order/PO's for onward delivery.

Over the years we have devanned a wide range of loose loaded cartons from containers, from toiletries for hotels, to condoms - travel steamers to warehouse racking, we have handled most types of product.

Container Devanning Services - FPF Warehousing Ltd.

Amazon FBA Container Unloading

Handling Amazon FBA Shipments

Amazon provides businesses with an excellent way to quickly and effectivley get their products seen by millions of people around the world. No longer does a client need to rely soley on their own website, they an also sell their products on the Amazon platform. Furthermore Amazon offers their "FBA" (Fulfilled By Amazon) service, meaning the client just needs to arrange delivery of their products to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, then Amazon takes care of the rest.

We are finding more and more businesses approaching FPF with a view to either assisting them with the devanning of their shipping containers. With many a business having experienced huge growth potential, thanks to the opportunities Amazon offers - many of our existing clients have gone from shipping in a pallet or two - through to booking 20ft or 40ft containers and having us devan these for them. More often than not, the containers are products that our clients are already selling on Amazon and where they the client needs to replenish stock in their Amazon inventory. In addition, some clients will want us to devan the container and "re-work/split" the cartons into individual FBA shipments, that may all need to be delivered to different Amazon Fulfilment Centres, across the UK or even Europe. We offer distribution of Amazon FBA shipments by carton (SPD Delivery) or as palletised shipments (LTL/FTL) depending on the needs of the client.

Container Devanning Services - FPF Warehousing Ltd.

Devanning Household Goods

Unloading Household Goods & Personal Effects

At FPF we are also involved in assist private individuals and overseas removal companies, with the devanning of their shipping containers. Some individuals who are moving over to the UK, may not have an immediate need for receiving their household effects and therefore will use our company to devan their container and storage their personal effects until a later date.

We have many years experience in unloading and handling personal effects, so understand the importance of attention to detail and care and attention. Furthermore our company offers professionally built storage boxes at our warehouse, each of which is capable of holding approximately 5-6 cubic metres. These storage boxes can be rented on a weekly basis from FPF Warehousing at a very reasonable price.

As well as the devanning of household goods containers, FPF can also offer the devanning of vehicles within shipping containers. Container haulage and container devanning is available on any vehicle that is coming to the UK.

Container Devanning Services - FPF Warehousing Ltd.

To learn more about our container devanning services, or to request a quotation, please call us on 01256 861474 or send us your enquiry.

Container Devanning Services - FPF Warehousing Ltd.